Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Door Holder

So the first BCM Fusion of the semester is but a week away, and although it stresses me out more than anything sometimes, I am super excited about it. I have thoroughly been changed through my experience with BCM over the last couple of years.
I've been really wanting to share that experience, even though I know that it is not how some people are meant to serve. But I had the idea, what if we show people what BCM has done in the lives of their peers? What if they see the impact that they can have through our student lead ministry? What if we quit depending fully on the people who are paid to help and started depending on people serving because they want to see change? Our first week back, we will be doing video testimonies. Stories of how people, like me, have been changed through BCM. My prayer is that it shows those at Fusion the impact they can have.
One thing that helped spark my thought was seeing the shirts that volunteers at Passion 2011 were wearing. They had shirts on that said in giant letters "Door Holder." If you haven't heard Louie's message about being a door opener for Christ, make sure you are at Fusion next week because we will talk about it. The reason it strikes a chord in me is because we have done Door Opening ministry at BCM for years. It's where we simply go and open doors on campus and smile at people going in them. If they ask, we tell them why. But we just serve them. Take time out of our schedule. Nothing more, nothing less. For us, it serves as a reminder. First off, standing there and just looking in people's eyes as they pass is powerful. What is their story? Second off, as Louie talks about, we are to be door openers to the Kingdom. To be the person who invites them in, and let God do the work. It's an awesome analogy that us holding doors is a reminder for.. It's based on some unlikely characters from the old testament who's names you have probably never heard but they are mentioned in God's word simply because they were gate keepers/door holders. I'm not going to give them away yet. More to come on this later. But can I ask you to pray with us for the first worship gathering for the year at BCM! Much Much Love.

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