Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Out on the farthest edge, there in the silence. You were there.

   Do you ever stop and think, in those moments that you are A.super stressed, a rage, or C. just really bored, that God is there just like he is when you are at church on Sunday or even Passion. I can't help but think, "what does my worship look like in those moments? Is there any element of worship? Is what I am doing in any way pleasing to God?" I hate the way that we have gone in our culture to where we typically don't experience God in  the sunset or in the infinite stars that dust our sky at night. We don't get the same emotional high in those situations as we do when we are in a dark/controlled environment with lights and music. Read Psalm 139. ( Now. Go read it. Tell me that it doesn't stir something inside of you. If anything it makes me and you nervous. I know what my reactions are like in those times of anger or uncertainty, and I know that as it says in verse 24 that there are ways in me that are offensive. It's something I am working on. So next time you catch yourself in one of those moments, stop and think. Be comforted in knowing that you are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and that God is there day and night.

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