Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I started my internship at West Ridge Church last week where I am interning as part of the communication team. So far this is turning out to be an awesome experience. Before I was actually hired on at West Ridge, before I left for camp, I had several opportunities present themselves for the fall. Many of them were solid opportunities and some of them were not quite established but had potential. 

I knew this semester was going to look different for me. It was going to be the first semester in three years that I haven't served as part of the leadership team at BCM. I knew that I wasn't going back to my part time job at Sears no matter what. I knew I was in my victory lap at school and would have to start working towards my future career. I began searching for internships early on in the spring semester with churches and different organizations. One day I happened to see a tweet about West Ridge's internship program and decided to apply. 

One of the big factors in my decision to come on at West Ridge was how well established their intern program was. By established I mean there was a laid out plan for how they wanted to develop us as we are serving at interns. 

Much of the ministry and many of the jobs I have done up until this point have been "fly by the seat of my pants" positions. Either they were positions that were new and I had to lead, or they were positions that had been done poorly before and needed a revamp. This is the first time stepping into a job that is so well established and doing things well that I didn't have to take charge. 

In saying that, I will be working to find my place at West Ridge Church and searching for that part of the communication realm that I can really use to make and impact. That I can take from good to great. That I will love doing and thrive off of it. 

Excited for what God is going to teach me through this period. 

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