Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Putting aside my Martha

I am coming to what seems to be an awesome season in my life. God has opened doors to opportunities that I would have neve dreamed of. God has been providing abundantly for me financially. God has taught me lessons to help me cast aside my pride for His glory.

I think a lot of what has caused this to happen goes along with the last one there. Putting my pride aside. Too often I set out to prove what I can do on my own. To prove my self sufficiency. To show the world just how much I can balance and how excellent I can do it. And a lot of what I am doing is centered around serving the Lord.

This season full of opportunity is also full of decision making. I randomly tuned my truck radio to a Charles Stanley message tonight. His main point in the message was basically asking how we determine what is God's will for our lives and the only way we can know is to really be in His Word and meditating on it day and night. The fact that I randomly tuned to this almost brought tears to my eyes because it was something I needed to hear. That if I ask of God, and what I ask is in His will for my life, I should be 100 percent confident it is going to happen. Powerful stuff.

After hearing this, I was excited to dive into the Word tonight. I am doing a one year plan that is already laid out. It breaks up the bible in four parts.

The first part was out of psalms. Psalm 16 to be exact. Powerful in my life right now because it's reassurance that God has a plan for my life. He will not abandon me. I have a BEAUTIFUL inheritance. He is my counselor and stirs in my heart even as I sleep. Powerful stuff.

So far, Stanley's set up for what God is teaching me tonight was already powerful. Then I moved on to Genesis where God proves that He can provide what seemed unreal to Abraham. In fact Abraham laughed, literally, when God told Him that he would have a son at 99 years of age. Nothing I ask is outside of Gods reach. So powerful combined with Psalm 16.

Well that wasn't enough for the night, my next reading was 1 Chronicles 17.

Part of something I am struggling is how to respond to blessings from the Lord. I don't have an answer to that. But David did. After God ,asking His promise, David didn't understand why he was being blessed so. But he DID know who deserved the Glory for it and he made it known.

Well so far God has led me to three passages, all of which taught me a valuable lesson about things I am going through. But then...

Next section was Luke 10 where we are introduced to Mary and Martha. In response to God's blessing...Jesus visiting them...Martha went into panic serve mode. She had to make sure everything is right. Mary fell at the feet of Jesus, taking in lessons he had to teach her.

I realized that God is teaching me to put aside my Martha. Stop doing. Set it all aside and take in the lessons he is teaching me.In my obedience and willingness to lay down my pride and let go of some of my responsibility, God has blessed me with a season of sitting at His feet and learning. Just like through all the scripture I had just read through. And like David did in the passage above...I will remember to give Him all the glory.


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