Monday, February 28, 2011

Success Breathes Complacency

   The last year has been so awesome for so many reason. God has opened so many doors, and brought so many good people in my life. There are a lot of this I would say have been successful this semester. BCM being one of the most important things to me, I think that it has been super successful thus far. We have had higher attendance across the board. Fusion is well over where it has been in the past, we had more people apply for summer missions than ever, and we have over 30 people going to Mississippi for spring break missions. I have people put their trust in me with things they are going through. Struggles they are coping with. I've seen people step up and take charge, and freshmen grow comfortable in their own faith outside of mom and dad. Knowing this, I fear that I have become numb to what needs to be done.
    Yesterday morning, Mike Linch said "Success Breathes Complacency." How true is that? So often we catch ourselves thinking about what we've done and completely lose thought. It causes us to get stuck in gear as Pete Carney described it last night at leadership. We are on our dirt bike, and we want to get further, but if we don't change gears, the engine will blow! I pray that doesn't happen. My heart is that BCM would be a ministry that is different. I don't want to revert to the old. I want there to be change that lasts.
   Prayer: God, help us to see not what we have done, but what has yet to be done.


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